Extracurricular Activities

The Mathematics Department at Bryn Mawr College believes in cultivating a vibrant and enriching environment with a sense of community and fellowship for all those studying mathematics.

The department sponsors a wide range of extracurriculars each academic year:

Student Mathematics Antiracism Reading and Praxis Group

The Student Mathematics Antiracism Reading and Praxis Group is a biweekly meeting of undergraduate and graduate students with the purpose of self-education on anti-racism in mathematics and supporting anti-racist efforts in the field. The group will collectively choose materials and write discussion questions which are discussed during meetings.

Problem Solving Seminar

The Problem Solving Seminar is a weekly meeting during the fall semester to discuss selected problems drawn from various areas of mathematics, some quite elementary and others more advanced. Students are not expected to have any advanced knowledge of each topic, although many topics will already be familiar from courses such as calculus, geometry or algebra. The students who attend will be encouraged to participate in trying to solve these problems together and to put forward their own ideas that we can then examine. The work in the seminar may be particularly helpful for students who may wish to take the Putnam Examination in December, however, all students are welcome to join.

The Problem Solving Seminar is held Thursdays, from 6 to 7 p.m. in Park 328. Interested students should contact Peter Kasius.

Distressing Math Collective

The Distressing Math Collective (DMC) provides weekly opportunities for people to de-stress during an informal math lecture on an interesting, but accessible, topic. At these meetings, which are open to everyone, the audience is encouraged to interrupt with questions and comments, to eat snacks, to crack jokes, and generally to keep everyone from taking anything too seriously. After the talk, all are invited to play one of the official DMC card games.

The DMC generally meets Wednesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. in Park 338/245 or via Zoom.

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