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All Swarthmore course information is subject to change. This page was last updated July 25, 2023.


Key Swarthmore Dates Fall 2023 Dates

Swarthmore will begin registering students for Fall 2023 in August.  All questions regarding registration status, should be directed to the Bryn Mawr College Registrar's Office at registrar@brynmawr.edu.

Swarthmore Fall Semester: Sept. 5-Dec. 23, 2023
Bryn Mawr students' last day to add a course is Wednesday September 13, 2023.
Last day of exams at Swarthmore: 12:00 noon, Saturday, December 23, 2023 (Final examinations are not rescheduled to accommodate travel plans.)

Registering for a Swarthmore Class: 3 Steps

TriCo Linguistics Department Courses

Since the Linguistics department at Swarthmore is part of the TriCo Linguistics department, students may register for the course directly in BiONiC. Your registration will be sent directly to Swarthmore. If your registration is not accepted due to over-enrollment (or any other factor) you will be notified of the results. If you don't see a Linguistics course in BiONiC that is being offered, please let the Bryn Mawr Registrar's Office know. [Cross-listed courses should use the non-Linguistics form here and sent to both the Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Registrars' Offices (registrar@brynmawr.edu and registrar@swarthmore.edu).]

All Non-Linguistics Courses

Step 1: Register for SWAT 999
Declare your intention to enroll in a Swarthmore class by enrolling in the SWAT 999 placeholder course. Once your registration is approved by Swarthmore, this course will be replaced by the actual course you are taking. Students who do not register for SWAT 999 may experience a delay in finalizing registration.

All Non-Linguistics classes:  Please read and follow all the instructions carefully.

Fall 2023:
Register for Class Number 1931 for your first course.
Register for Class Number 1932 if you plan to enroll in a second course.
Register for Class Number 1933 if you have received permission to register for a third course.

Step 2: Contact Instructor for Course Permission—form available here.

Step 3: Permission and Registration
Forward the form with permission from the instructor to both the Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Registrars' Offices (registrar@brynmawr.edu and registrar@swarthmore.edu). You will then hear from your home school Registrar about your enrollment.  Please direct any questions to your home school.  Please do not contact Swarthmore unless you are a Swarthmore student. 

American Sign Language (ASL) Registration ONLY

Once you have the Swarthmore ASL course instructor's permission, please send the complete Swarthmore ASL course permission form, here.

Registration is not complete until you return the emailed permission to both Registrars' Offices by September 13, 2023.

After submitting this form if you decide to drop any Swarthmore course, please notify the Registrar’s office at both institutions.

Review Swarthmore's Academic Calendar

Swarthmore's Academic Calendar is not the same as Bryn Mawr. Please make sure you review when Swarthmore classes start and end (often this is the day before Bryn Mawr starts classes) and if they are changing their meeting schedule during the semester to make up missed days.   

Swarthmore Moodle Access

Bryn Mawr students taking classes at Swarthmore will receive an email with a user name and password to log in to Swarthmore's Moodle site. 

Tri-Co Transportation—Will be operating for Fall 2023.

The Tri-Co bus schedule is available here.


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