The College offers some amazing submatriculation programs. In order to make sure that students are meeting the requirements of both Bryn Mawr and the partner institution, you must adhere to the process outlined below.  If you have any questions, please reach out to

Submatriculating in a Partner Program:

  1. Students interested in submatriculating, should first talk with the program advisor listed here as early possible.
  2. Students can not submatriculate until they have a declared major in their sophomore year, and some programs do not allow submatriculation until the junior year.
  3. Once you have decided and are eligible, please complete this form as you are applying.
  4. Once you are accepted, we will also need a copy of your program acceptance letter. It must include your intended start date.

3+2 AB/BS Partner Programs: Students entering 3+2 program or other sequence enrollment programs should check in with the Registrar’s Office about the process for your program and graduation, link here

Penn Programs: For students submatriculating into a Penn program, additional information for concurrent enrollment can be found here:

  1. BMC Undergrads can only enroll in Penn graduate courses if they are officially submatriculated into a graduate program.
  2. BMC Undergrads take all courses during the academic year through the Quaker Consortium.  Under the QC students pay their home institution for all courses taken.  Students would not be billed by Penn until they graduate from BMC and fully matriculate into the Penn grad program.
  3. Once submatriculated, Bryn Mawr students may not take courses outside of their submatriculation curriculum. 
  4. To register for your Penn courses each semester, a screenshot from the student’s Path@Penn “course details" screen which includes the full name and course number and a checkmark confirming that you're registered. 
  5. Once the student is a senior in their final term, we must get confirmation from Penn course faculty that they will be able to meet the senior grade deadline so that the student may graduate on time. 
  6. As a reminder, Bryn Mawr students must follow all Bryn Mawr student rules, and as always, the Honor Code applies.  Any questions about policies should be directed to the Bryn Mawr Registrar’s Office.

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