Fellows in Quant.

The Summer Program

At the core of the STEMLA program is an immersive summer experience, which takes place in-person at Bryn Mawr College. Each year, incoming first year STEMLA Fellows spend four-weeks on Bryn Mawr’s campus where they take courses in STEM, the humanities, and quantitative reasoning (a total of 1.5 credits). They also attend workshops and guest lectures and participate in programming meant to facilitate STEM exploration. 

The STEMLA summer program was the first time that I had been in a totally FIGLI community. The support and understanding I received from both professors and Fellows cemented how glad that I was to both choose Bryn Mawr and STEMLA.

-Grace Trembath '26

This program is fully funded, including food, housing, and travel. Students will receive a stipend while in the summer program.

The Summer Program generally runs from the second week in July to the first week in August. 

Have questions about the STEMLA Summer Program? Check out our FAQ Page. 

Sample Summer Program Schedule

**This is a sample schedule based on previous summer programs. Dates, times, and activities are subject to change from year to year. 



sample weekly STEMLA Schedule