Re-enrollment Application and Instructions

We miss you here at Bryn Mawr!

We hope that you're doing well, and we are very glad that you took the time to successfully prepare to return to your studies. We hope that your time away from the College has been supportive and impactful. We also hope that you've been able to engage in activities that have assisted you in your return and will strengthen your self-confidence once you're back at Bryn Mawr.

Please review the information below as you prepare for and apply to resume your studies at Bryn Mawr. We're so excited for your return. 

Note: If you are returning from a Personal Leave, please review this page instead.

Important information for returning from Emergency, Academic, Medical, or Psychological Leave

You will need to complete a re-enrollment application if you

  • took an emergency, academic, medical, or psychological leave of absence.
  • took a personal leave that extended beyond two semesters.
  • withdrew or were withdrawn for any other reason, including having transferred to another institution.

We have two re-enrollment cycles:

  • For students applying to return in the spring semester, there is a deadline of November 1.
  • For students applying to return in the fall semester, there is a deadline of May 1. 

All application materials must be received by these deadlines. Applications and supporting materials are reviewed by a Re-Enrollment Committee that includes representatives of the Dean’s Office, the Registrar’s Office, the Office of Residential Life, and the Health and Wellness Center. If required materials are missing, the Committee may defer your application to the next re-enrollment cycle.

Note: If you are returning from a Personal Leave, please review this page instead.

Preparing for your return from an Emergency, Academic, Medical, or Psychological Leave

Please review the following information prior to applying to return from your leave of absence. The recommended information below was compiled to help students connected with the appropriate offices and supports at Bryn Mawr as part of your preparation to return from your leave of absence. It is recommended that you begin reviewing the information below in January if you plan to apply for the May 1 deadline for a FALL semester return or in September if you plan to apply by November 1 for a SPRING semester return.

  • Schedule a Re-Enrollment Consultation with an Academic Coach from the Office of Academic Support before you reapply to address any questions/concerns you may have about the application and re-enrollment process and about the completion of any expectations provided by the College prior to taking your leave.
  • Students who have declared a major should schedule a meeting with their major advisor to discuss your progress towards completing your major.
  • All international students on F-1 or J-1 visas should schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Advising for instructions on how to re-enter the U.S. Email or call 610-526-7390 to schedule. 
  • Contact Student Accounts for any questions regarding your tuition and unpaid balances on your account prior to applying for re-enrollment. Email or call 610-526-5500.
  • Contact Financial Aid with any questions you may have about your financial aid package. You can see the financial aid counselor list here.
  • Contact Access Services if you are eligible for and are requesting to resume receiving an accommodation of any kind. Email if you have any questions about the accommodations process. 
  • If you took courses while away and would like to receive transfer credit, you will need to complete the Transfer Credit Approval Application form for the Registrar’s office.
  • Submit a copy of your transcripts to the Registrar's office if you took courses at another institution while away.
  • Have your healthcare provider(s) complete the Healthcare Provider Assessment Form if you are a student on a medical or psychological leave.
    • If a medical / physical health condition or symptoms or a psychological / mental health condition or symptoms led to you taking a leave of absence, you must arrange for each of your providers to fill out the Healthcare Assessment Form with a full description of the diagnosis and the treatment you received.
    • Providers are asked to comment on your readiness to return to a residential academic community and to engage in a rigorous course of study, as well as to indicate the supports you would need upon your return.
  • Contact the Directors of Health and Counseling Services to submit the Healthcare Provider Assessment Form and to discuss your care plan.
    • If you are on a medical leave of absence and addressed a physical health condition or symptoms, contact Beth Kotarski, the Director of Medical Services. Email
    • If you were on a psychological leave of absence and addressed a mental health condition or symptoms, contact Luci Macnamara, the Director of Counseling services. Email
  • Complete the Return from Leave Interest Form to let us know that you're interested in returning from your leave of absence by September 1 for a spring semester return or by January 15 for a fall semester return. This will help us ensure that we are notifying you for upcoming programming, events, and supports that are available to you prior to when you plan to apply for re-enrollment. 
  • Complete the Re-Enrollment Application by November 1 for a spring semester return or May 1 for a fall semester return. 

This is not an exhaustive list. The Academic Coach may recommend that you connect with other offices or supports as part of your re-enrollment application process. To help you prepare for your return, we've created a Return from a Leave of Absence Information Checklist.

Applying to return from your Emergency, Academic, Medical, or Psychological Leave

Complete the Re-Enrollment Application by the application deadline. After reviewing the application, the Re-Enrollment Committee might ask for additional information. Students can expect to hear decisions by December 1 (if you're applying to return in the spring semester) and June 15 (if you are applying to return in the fall semester).  

Submit a completed Healthcare Provider Assessment Form (Word) to the Directors of Medical and/or Counseling Services. This is required for all students on medical or psychological leaves.

Students may receive a tuition bill from Student Accounts before they have received the Committee's decision on their application. Receiving a bill does not imply that a student has been approved to return. This is especially important for students applying to re-enroll in the spring semester. The billing timetable is set for specific times throughout the year, so all student applying for re-enrollment should wait to respond to a tuition bill until after they have received the Committee's decision. 

Expectations for students approved to return from a Emergency, Academic, Medical, or Psychological Leave

Students who have been approved to return will be asked to do the following:

  • confirm within two weeks their intention to re-enroll
  • talk with their deans (and major advisors, when appropriate) about their academic plans
  • preregister for courses as instructed
  • submit housing preference forms
  • make plans to arrive on campus as soon as the dorms open in order to get settled and attend the Re-Orientation Program on the Sunday before classes begin
  • work with the Financial Aid Office to submit all required materials (students on aid only)
  • contact the Assistant Dean of International Student and Scholar Advising to discuss their immigration status (international students only)
  • contact the Director of Access Services (students requesting accommodations only)

Students returning from emergency, academic, and medical leaves will be expected to work closely with their deans and to engage fully in any recommended follow-up plans throughout the semester.

Note: If you are returning from a Personal Leave, please review this page instead.


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