Departmental Praxis Courses

Spring 2022

Course Title

Course Number


Type of Praxis Course

Inquiries into Black Study, Language, Justice, and Education EDUCH 308 (HC) Alice Lesnick Praxis I
Changing Pedagogies in Mathematics and Science EDUC B220 Victor Donnay Praxis II
Sociology of Education SOCL B258 David Karen

Praxis II

Writing in Theory/Writing in Practice ENGL B220 Jen Callaghan Praxis II
Telling Bryn Mawr Histories: Topics, Sources, and Methods HART B268 Alicia Walker Praxis II
Urban Projects: Cities in Action CITY B350 Jennifer Hurley & Gary McDonogh Praxis II
Praxis Fieldwork Seminar: Politics Policy and Power POLS B420 Marissa Golden Praxis Fieldwork Seminar
Praxis Fieldwork Seminar: Social Justice SOCL B420 David Karen Praxis Fieldwork Seminar
Museum Studies Fieldwork HART 316 Sylvia Houghteling & Monique Scott Praxis Fieldwork Seminar




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