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Spring 2023 Praxis I Course

RUSS B252 Love, Death, Justice, & Russian Literature

Prof. José Vergara | Tuesdays 11:45 AM- 4:30 PM

This Inside-Out course will be conducted inside a correctional institution and will bring inside (SCI Chester) and outside students (BMC) into dialogue. Can Russian novels and short stories help us understand our lives? We'll closely read and analyze works by several Russian authors and discuss how they each treat themes including life, death, family, love, the individual and society, generational conflicts, crime and punishment, and power dynamics.

Finally, our broad goal will be to explore how these texts speak to contemporary issues, our lives, and eternal problems that all of humanity faces--what Russians call the "accursed questions."

This course is part of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program.

Praxis I Departmental Courses provide opportunities for students to explore and develop community connections in relation to the course topic by incorporating a variety of activities into the syllabus, such as

  • field trips to local organizations,
  • guest speakers from those organizations,
  • and assignments that ask students to research local issues.

In some cases, students in Praxis I courses are engaged an introductory fieldwork activities; the time commitment for this fieldwork does not exceed two hours per week or 20 hours per semester.

The Praxis component in all Praxis I courses constitutes less than 25 percent of the total coursework assigned.

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