Praxis II

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Praxis II Departmental Courses include a more substantial fieldwork component that engages students in activities and projects off-campus that are linked directly to course objectives and are useful to the community partner.

Spring 2023 Praxis II Courses

CITIES B350 Urban Projects

Prof. Jeff Cohen | Fridays from 1:10 to 3:30 (plus fieldwork)

In this course advanced students will work with local groups around concrete projects. The course will be framed by a strong topical and methodological core having to do with history, architecture, archives, and benefit to different organizations through projects that will ultimately serve their public missions.   

It will welcome students with interests in the histories of places who will help those hosting organizations shape and advance projects that tap historical resources to collect, enrich, and present knowledge for a range of purposes and audiences. Class sessions will convene to discuss background readings as well as evaluation of tools and experiences. 

SOCL B258 Sociology of Education

Prof. David Karen | Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:25 AM- 9:45 AM (plus fieldwork)

Major sociological theories of the relationships between education and society, focusing on the effects of education on inequality in the United States and the historical development of primary, secondary, and post-secondary education in the United States. Other topics include education and social selection, testing and tracking, and micro- and macro-explanations of differences in educational outcomes. This is a Praxis II course; placements are in local schools.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for fieldwork varies greatly from course to course but falls within the range of two to seven hours per week or 20-70 hours per semester.

Praxis II courses might include:

  • weekly fieldwork in local classrooms or community-based organizations;
  • conducting research that has been requested by a community partner;
  • project-based activities such as creating a curriculum, designing a website, or curating a museum exhibit.

Fieldwork Agreement

The Praxis Fieldwork Agreement is an important part of all Praxis II courses. This document outlines the learning and placement objectives of the Praxis component and is signed by the course instructor, the field supervisor, the Praxis coordinator and the student. These fieldwork agreements are specific to each course and the forms will be made available by the Praxis field placement coordinator for the course or by the instructor.

The Praxis component in Praxis II courses constitutes between 25-50 percent of total coursework assigned.

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