Expectations of Major Advisers

In agreeing to be the primary and secondary major advisers, faculty members agree to work with a student throughout their  remaining semesters at Bryn Mawr. The expectation is that they will advise the student through the thesis process. Both advisers will determine the final grade for the thesis.

If the primary major adviser will be on leave during the student’s senior year, this should be discussed at the time that the faculty member first agrees to be the student’s adviser. In these situations, the student is responsible for working out in advance who will fill in for the primary adviser—either the secondary adviser, if that person agrees to that, or another faculty member.

Faculty members can confer with Dean Michelle Mancini if any questions or concerns arise.

Letters of support from major advisers to the Independent Major Committee:

Letters from major advisers should comment on the student’s proposal and the student’s ability to follow through on it based on their knowledge of the student. They should also comment on the course list which the student has assembled with their input.