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  • Student Paid Sick Time Policy
    • Students employees who are feeling ill or who are symptomatic or diagnosed with something that may be contagious should notify their supervisors if they will miss their scheduled work hours. Students should contact their supervisor as far in advance as possible. 
    • Effective with the start of academic year 2022-23, graduate and undergraduate students who are paid on an hourly basis and who work on campus for the College may be eligible for paid sick time. Eligible students are allotted a maximum of 5 hours of paid sick time that can be taken between July 1 through December 31 and another 5 hours of paid sick time that can be taken between January 1 through June 30. Only students who work or are expected to work a minimum of 75 hours during the designated 6-month time period are eligible for paid sick leave.
    • Any sick time taken beyond the 5-hour allocation is on an unpaid basis. Students are welcome to work with their supervisors to see if it is possible to pick up additional shifts to make up any unpaid sick time, but additional shifts/hours cannot be guaranteed.
    • Students are required to track their use of their paid sick leave. If they submit time sheets with sick time that exceeds their allocation or if they have not worked enough hours to have earned their sick pay allocation, they may not receive an allocation of paid sick leave for subsequent time periods.

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