Tax and Other Forms

Federal withholding allowance certificate W-4 Form W-4 Redirect to IRS website
NJ withholding allowance certificate NJ-W4 Form NJ-W4 Redirect NJ State website
PA State tax exemption for New Jersey residents REV-419 EX Form Rev-419 EX Redirect to PA State website
PA residency certification for local earned income tax CLGS-32-6 Form CLGS-32-6 Redirect to PA Community website
Lower Merion local tax exemption certificate LST LST Exemption Redirect to Lower Merion website
Lower Merion refund application LST LST Exemption Redirect to Lower Merion website
Bryn Mawr Express: set up, change, deactivate   Bryn Mawr Express Deduction
Gifts to the College through payroll deduction   Gift Election Deduction
Staff extra compensation payments   Staff Extra Compensation Request Form
Department of Revenue EITC Notice    EITC Notice Redirect to website
Philadelphia Income-based Wage Tax Petition   Wage Tax Petition Redirect to website

To maintain the overall security of the personal information that you provide when completing forms, we strongly recommend that you bring your completed forms directly to the Payroll Office or send them via campus mail. 

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