College Credit Card Program

College credit cards are issued to faculty and staff. The credit card system called GRAM (Global Reporting and Account Management) is used to allocate and approve card purchases monthly.

To request a GRAM account click here. Once a completed request is submitted, you will be contacted about scheduling the required training session.


Faculty and staff should know… 
Expenses must be ordinary, necessary, and directly related to your job duties. The following documentation is required to be attached for each purchase:
  • Detailed original receipt/invoice and summary showing total cost if different (i.e., summary receipt showing tip amount for meals)
  • Description of purchase and business purpose
  • 16-digit account number to charge
  • List and/or number/type of meal attendees
  • Translation to English for all foreign documents
  • If a purchase was personal, a check payable to Bryn Mawr College and a Cash/Check Deposit form

* Due dates are earlier for May statement because of fiscal year end.

**The June-August statements are due Sept. 8 for faculty who are away during the summer.

Payment/Reimbursement Guidelines Finance Key Contacts

Use your credit card for:

  • Business travel.
  • Local off-campus guest entertainment or meetings.
  • Purchases that cannot be made through the College's E-Market.

Do not use your credit card for:

  • Tangible Goods.
  • Non-travel related services (i.e. membership renewals).
  • Birthday cakes/parties, showers, etc.
  • Weekly/monthly department meals.
  • Gifts or gift cards.
  • Purchases that can be made through the College’s E-Market.
  • Personal expenses.