Reimbursements, Other Payments, and Fellowships

Reimbursements and Other Payments

Payment Request (Non E-Market)

Follow instructions on form to request reimbursement of expenses, honorariums, employee travel advance and reporting, or foreign wire payment. 

Users who have an issue accessing this form should email 

AP Adjustment Request Follow steps to correct account number on a processed payment.

Employees should know:

  • Reimbursable expenses must be ordinary, necessary, and directly related to your job duties.
  • Pennsylvania state sales tax is not reimbursed.
  • Employee travel must be authorized by the department head responsible for the budget being charged.

Employees, students and guests are required to provide the following documentation when requesting reimbursement:

  • Detailed original receipt/invoice and proof of payment
  • Description of purchase and business purpose
  • Number and type of attendee for meals; List of names preferred for small group
  • For per diem Meal and Incidental travel, a copy of the daily rate
  • For mileage, a copy of Mapquest driving directions (see Standard Mileage Rate)
  • Translation to English for all foreign documents

Student Fellowships

Fellowships can be paid to students to aid in the pursuit of their own studies. 

To determine if a student's activity would be considered a fellowship or should be paid through student employment, please use the Student Employment and Fellowship Policy and Procedures document.

Recurring Request Use to pay a student the same amount multiple times.
One-Time Request Use to pay multiple students once.
Citizenship Documentation Instructions Use to determine what Citizenship Documentation is required to be submitted with a Recurring/One-Time Request.
AP Adjustment Request Follow steps to correct account number on a processed payment.

Standard Mileage Rate Payment/Reimbursement Guidelines Finance Key Contacts Expense Policy