Web Site Policy

Bryn Mawr College relies on the World Wide Web to support the College's teaching and research. The College's Web site is a communications vehicle for all of the College's constituencies and for the College itself.

Bryn Mawr College encourages all members of the campus community (faculty, staff and students) to create and maintain an effective Web presence. No matter the location of one's pages on the site, each participating member represents the College and herself or himself to the world. A presence on the College's site, therefore, is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Free Speech

The constitutional right of free speech applies to all citizens of the electronic community. Bryn Mawr College respects the right to freedom of expression within the context of the shared values of its community. Members of the community are expected to behave ethically and to respect the diversity and privacy of other people.

College Policies

The content of all Web pages on the Bryn Mawr College site must comply with relevant College policies.

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Data Handling Policy
  • Intellectual Property — It is a violation of legal and ethical standards and the College's Honor Code to claim someone else's work as one's own. Written permission of the person or organization possessing ownership must be secured before use of any trademarked or copyrighted material. Unauthorized use and/or distribution of others' intellectual property (including but not limited to text, images and software) is theft. Violations will result in suspension of network service immediately upon determination of unauthorized use. See also copyright and fair-use guidelines
  • Advertising and Sales — The advertisement or sale of goods and/or services on the College's Web site is prohibited except as authorized by the College.

The College is committed to ensuring that its Web site is accessible to people with disabilities.

The College may remove any Web page that violates College policies or that is inconsistent with the values and standards of the community. Repeated offenses may result in the loss of Web server privileges.


Web pages on the Bryn Mawr College site are also subject to federal and commonwealth laws and regulations. Suspected violations of applicable laws are subject to investigation by College and law-enforcement officials. Applicable laws include, but are not limited to, copyright, computer fraud and defamation.

Home Pages

Pages produced by anyone other than the College's Public Affairs staff are known as home pages or home sites and are considered the sole responsibility of the department, program, office, faculty member, staff member or student that created them. Accordingly, the College assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the content of individual home pages. It is expressly understood that the College's insurance policies do not provide coverage for claims against individual authors not representing the College, and the College will not defend any individual author under any circumstance for publication in these home pages.

All home pages must link to (1) the most closely related page produced by the College (Public Affairs), unless such a page does not exist, and (2) the College's home page, https://www.brynmawr.edu.

Home pages may not use the College's current or past Web page templates, nor the College's seals, crest or mark — Bryn Mawr College, or BRYN MAWR, in Trump Medieval font.

Personal and Student Organization Home Pages

A personal page is a Web page about a student, faculty member or staff member created and maintained by that person himself or herself. A student organization home page is a Web page created and maintained by a student on behalf of a student organization. Personal pages and student organization home pages are subject to the "Home Pages" section above, except that they do not need to contain a link to the College's home page.

Although personal and student organization home pages are neither created nor maintained by the College, people outside the College community (including high school students applying to college, their parents and Bryn Mawr alumnae) still associate these pages with the College. These pages also reflect on the author and may be viewed by prospective employers, colleagues, one's parents, Internet predators and anyone else.

Pages produced by College undergraduates and postbaccalaureate premedical students must meet the standards of the Honor Code. Pages may not impede the efficient operation of the web server, nor the College's system resources. Violations of the Honor Code, policies or laws brought to the attention of the College's Web Advisory Committee may be referred to the appropriate authorities.

Personal and student organization home pages must also contain the College's disclaimer: The content of this and subsuming pages is determined solely by the author. The presence of this page or subsuming pages on the Bryn Mawr College server does not imply endorsement by Bryn Mawr College.

Questions about this Web Site Policy should be directed to the Help Desk.

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