Performing Arts Series: Wintry Mix / Performance Festival

Crossing boundaries between theater, dance, and music.

Wintry Mix | Performance Festival

Fri-Sat | Jan 25-26 | 8 PM | Hepburn Teaching Theater, Goodhart Hall

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A sampler of what’s new in Philly performance, Wintry Mix offers two different 15-minutes-max sets curated by featured performers Nichole Canuso and Cynthia Hopkins. Enjoy new works by artists innovating across performance disciplines, free snacks and drinks, and a different post-performance dance party each evening.

Friday | Jan 25 | Nichole Canuso and Friends

Nichole Canuso invites you to a tender and irreverent funeral for the things we've lost and those we hope to lose soon. Featuring artists known for their searing humor, playful abandon, and virtuosic embodiment, this cabaret of catharsis is an opportunity to come together to both mourn and celebrate the inevitability of change.

Featured Artists: Adrienne Truscott, Eliza Hardy Jones, Jennifer Kidwell With: Eun Jung Choi, Jess Conda, Meg Foley, Martha Graham Cracker, Helen Hale, Rhonda Moore, Chelsea Murphy, Guillermo Ortega, Pax Ressler, Emily Schuman Dance Party DJ: Pax Ressler

Saturday | Jan 26 | Cynthia Hopkins and Friends

Cynthia Hopkins presents a fabulously resistant, wildly resilient, truly unruly evening of solace for a society in crisis. An installment of The Thrashers, Hopkins' ongoing experiment with various forms of audience interaction, Saturday's Wintry Mix features Philadelphia artists who are boldly experimenting with social justice and audience engagement.

Featured Artists: Meg Foley, Annie Wilson, Martha Graham Cracker, Applied Mechanics' The Bandits Dance Party: In The Dance soul line dancing (Selena & David Earley)

Wintry Mix includes material for mature audiences.