Colloquia and Events 2012/13

Department Sponsored Events for Fall 2012

Student Reports Event Poster Fall 2012
"News from Abroad: Student Reports"

September 14

Jim Marks Lecture Poster Fall 2012
"Temples, Walls and Agora: The Polis in Homer and History"

lecture by: Jim Marks
Center for Hellenic Studies and University of Florida

September 21

Galanakis Lecture Poster Fall 2012
"Tomb Robbers, Art Dealers and the Trafficking of Antiquities: Archaeology in 19th-century Greece"

lecture by: Ioannis Galanakis
Center for Hellenic Studies and Oxford Ashmolean

October 5

Patera Lecture Poster Fall 2012
"The Thesmophoria and Related Festivals of Moveable Objects"

lecture by: Ioanna Patera
Center for Hellenic Studies and Max Weber Kolleg

October 26

Kaczko Lecture Poster Fall 2012
"Perspectives on Archaic Greek Epigrams: towards a new commentary and literary study"

lecture by: Sara Kaczko
Center for Hellenic Studies and University of Rome

November 2

Fantuzzi Lecture Poster Fall 2012
"Achilles, Penthesileia and the killing of Thersites"

lecture by: Marco Fantuzzi
Institute for Advanced Study and Columbia University

November 9

Kelp Lecture Poster Fall 2012
"The Necropoleis of Pergamon: Early Excavations and Recent Discoveries"

lecture by: Ute Kelp
Universität zu Köln

November 16

Lindenlauf Lecture Poster Fall 2012
"Risen from Ruins: The Rebuilding of Miletos and Athens in the Fifth Century B.C."

lecture by: Astrid Lindenlauf
Bryn Mawr College

November 30

Visvardi Lecture Poster Fall 2012
"Pity and Fear in the Tragic Chorus: Negotiating the Emotional Politics of Athenian Democracy"

lecture by: Eirene Visvardi
Center for Hellenic Studies and Wesleyan University

December 7

Department Sponsored Events for Spring 2013

R Germany Lecture Poster Spring 2013
"The Unity of Time in Menander"

lecture by: Robert Germany
Haverford College

February 1

Boys-Stones Lecture Poster Spring 2013
"Providence in 'Middle' Platonism"

lecture by: George Boys-Stones
Institute for Advanced Study & Durham University

February 15

Bremmer Lecture Poster Spring 2013
"From Books with Magic to Magical Books in Ancient Greece and Rome"

lecture by: Jan Bremmer
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World & University of Groningen

February 22

Terrenato Lecture Poster Spring 2013
"The Embryology of Central Italian Cities: Recent Insights from Archaeology"

lecture by: Nicola Terrenato
Institute for Advanced Study & University of Michigan

March 1

Agnes Michels Lecture Poster Spring 2013 Flower
   The Agnes Michels Lecture presented by the Graduate Students in the Department of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies

"Augustus and the Genius Augusti"

lecture by: Harriet Flower
Princeton University

March 22

Ancona Lecture Poster Spring 2013
"'Cave of the Heart': The Medea of Martha Graham and Isamu Noguchi"

lecture by: Ronnie Ancona
Hunter College

March 29

"Greek Cults in a Conquered Land: Reassessing the Early Roman Presence in the Sanctuaries of Greece (146-44 BC)"

lecture by: Milena Melfi
Center for Hellenic Studies & University of Oxford

April 5

Hasaki Lecture Poster Spring 2013
The C. Densmore Curtis Lecture presented by the Graduate Students in the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

"From Mistakes to Masterpieces: Craft Apprenticeship in Classical Antiquity"

lecture by: Eleni Hasaki
University of Arizona

April 12

Zhang Lecture Poster Spring 2013
"Poetry and Knowledge: Greek and Chinese Perspectives"

lecture by: Wei Zhang
Center for Hellenic Studies & Fudan University

April 19

Townsend Lecture Poster Spring 2013
"Sacrifice and Supersessionism in Early Christianity"

lecture by: Philippa Townsend
Ursinus College

April 26

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