Colloquia and Events 2022/2023


Spring 2023 Classics Colloquia


Jan. 20

Erin Lam
Bryn Mawr College

"Cruising Rome: Queer Orientations in Ovid's Ars Amatoria"












Jan. 27

Asya Sigelman
Bryn Mawr College

This Classics Colloquium will take place at the Community College of Philadelphia. Looking ahead to our joint production of James Ijames' Medea, Asya Sigelman will be in conversation with CCP Professor of English Kathleen Murphey on the subjects of myth, Medea, and Greek tragedy in general.

The Classics Colloquium Tea will be held at the usual time and place, at 4 pm in the Quita Woodward Room at Bryn Mawr College.


Feb. 3

Marcus Folch
Columbia University

"Prison before Race: Classical Athens and the History of Incarceration"











Feb. 10

Yasmin Haskell
University of Western Australia; Institute for Advanced Study

"Ludus Iesu: Latin Poetry, Play and Team Spirit in the Early Modern Jesuit Classroom"












Feb. 17

C. Densmore Curtis Lecture 2023
presented by the graduate students in the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

Marc van de Mieroop
Columbia University

“Before and After Babel: What happened when people stopped writing cuneiform and used other scripts instead?”








Feb. 24

Carman Romano
Bryn Mawr College

"A Theology of Ψ: The Orphic Hymns as/in a Collection"














March 17

Helen Morales
University of California, Santa Barbara

‘Sacrifice, solidarity, and survival in Wayne Shorter and esperanza spalding’s opera ...(Iphigenia), and the art of Harmonia Rosales’














March 24

SPEAC Conference: Building Bodies: Investigating Bodies in the Ancient Mediterranean

Keynote Address by
Debby Sneed, California State University, Long Beach

"Technology and the Limits of the Human Body in Archaic Greece" 

*Via Zoom in Carpenter Library B21 at 4:00 pm

Click here to register.

Following a successful first conference, Bryn Mawr College’s SPEAC (Students Promoting Equity in Archaeology and Classics) is happy to announce their second biennial research conference, to be held virtually. As a group, they are dedicated to amplifying the voices of academically marginalized and underrepresented communities (including but not limited to, BIPOC, FGLI, disabled, and LGBTQ+ scholars) in the fields of Classical Studies, Classical Archaeology, Near Eastern Archaeology, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (broadly conceived).


March 31

Agnes Michels Lecture
presented by the graduate students in the Department of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies

Victoria Wohl
University of Toronto

"Paratactic Politics: Anaxagoras and the Things"













April 14

Mario Telò
University of California, Berkeley

"Medea's Marine Mother: Reading Alice Diop's Saint Omer"













April 21

Jessica Lamont
Yale University

"New Work on Ancient Greek Magic"













Fall 2022 Classics Colloquia

Welcome Back Tea poster

Sept. 2

Welcome Back Tea

Join Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies for a Classics Colloquium Welcome Back Tea to meet new faculty and students and enjoy some delicious snacks!















Reports from the Field poster

Sept. 9

"News from Abroad: Reports from the Field"

Students who have engaged in scholarly activities beyond the walls of Bryn Mawr and Haverford, report on their experiences, be it in the excavation trenches, in the libraries with research fellowships, or even in online coursework.














Sept. 16

Catherine Conybeare
Bryn Mawr College

"The cradles of Punic are still warm"
Punic, preaching, and social class in Augustine











Sept. 23

Ava Shirazi
Haverford College

"Glimpses of Gesture: Refusing and Recovering Loss in Honig and Euripides"













Sept. 30

Danielle Hanley
Clark University

"Choreographing Affective Solidarity: Euripedes' Medea, Loss, and Choral Politics"
















Oct. 21 & 22

BMCR 30th Anniversary Celebration


















Oct. 28

David Ungvary
Bard College

"A Double Life: Self-(re)writing and (un)answered prayer in Paulinus of Pella's Eucharisticos"
















Nov. 4

Kenneth Yu
University of Toronto

"Our Terms And Theirs: Some Reflections on Recent Approaches to Greek Religion"
















Nov. 11

Müge Durusu-Tanriöver
Temple University

"Decentering Empire: Ways of Being Hittite in Late Bronze Age Anatolia"
















Nov. 18

Matthew Farmer
Haverford College

"Ruin, Shipwreck, Specter, Dream: Reading Fragments" 

















Dec. 2

James Ijames

"On Adapting Medea: a conversation with Ava Shiraz"


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