Colloquia and Events 2019/20

The weekly Classics Colloquium provides an informal meeting ground for the College's lively community of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty who are interested in classical subjects. Each year, the series brings to campus a number of distinguished speakers on a variety of literary, archaeological, and historical subjects.

Unless otherwise noted, all Colloquia will take place at 4:30 p.m. in Room B21 of the Rhys Carpenter Library on the campus of Bryn Mawr College. Tea will be held at 4 p.m. in the Quita Woodward Room, Old Library.

Fall 2019 Classics Colloquia

Friday, Sept. 6

Konstantinos Nikoloutsos, 
St. Joseph's University

“From Epic to Tragedy: Transgenericity and Nation-Building in Cruz Varela‘s Dido (1823)”

Thursday, Oct. 31

"In the Dark of the Night": a Reading of Truly Classic Tales of Necromancy, Witches, and More

Please join us (in costume or not) and bring friends to experience the weirder side of Classics, with readings from tales of witches, ghosts, and more. Spooky texts and chocolate provided.

Friday, Nov. 1

Anastasia Bakogianni, 
Massey University, New Zealand

"Antipodean Antigones: Performing Sophocles’ Tragedy Down Under"

Friday, Nov. 8

Nancy Klein,
Texas A&M University

“The Rediscovery of the Archaic and Early Classical Sanctuary on the Acropolis of Athens”

Friday, Nov. 22

The Department of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies will host a special colloquium in honor of Lily Ross Taylor on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of her death.

Friday, Dec. 6

Hartmut Leppin,

“Paradoxes of Parrhesía”

Friday, Dec. 13

Paul Dilley,
University of Iowa

“The Manichaean Story of Adam and Eve: Between Gnostic and Zoroastrian Traditions”

Spring 2020 Classics Colloquia

Friday, Jan. 24

Anne-Valérie Pont,
Sorbonne Université

“The Dynamics of the Dual-Level Governance in the Roman Empire, 1st-3rd C.: Beyond the Ideal of Civic Autonomy”

Friday, Jan. 31

Darcy Krasne,
Columbia University

“The Curious Incident of the Dogs in the Night Sky: Hunting Hunters in Valerius Flaccus’s 'Argonautica'”

Friday, Feb. 7

K. Scarlett Kingsley,
Agnes Scott College

“Herodotus the Presocratic: Critiquing Custom and Empire in the 'Histories'”

Friday, Feb. 14

Carol Atack,
University of Cambridge

“Fathers, Sons, and Philosophers: The Maintenance and Disruption of Family Bonds in Plato's Socratic Dialogues”

Friday, Feb. 21

Erika Weiberg,
Florida State University

“Cruel Optimism and Fantasies of Reciprocity on the Home Front in Euripides’ 'Heracles'”

Friday, Feb. 28

Steve Renette,
University of Pennsylvania

“Tracing a Community in the Zagros Foothills from Prehistory through Antiquity: The Kani Shaie Archaeological Project”

Friday, March 3

Alberto Bardi

"Comparing Greek and Latin Astronomical Literature: A Case Study from 15th Century Crete"


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