Colloquia and Events 2013/14

The weekly Classics Colloquia provide an informal meeting ground for the College's lively community of undergraduates, graduate students and faculty who are interested in classical subjects. Each year, the series brings to campus a number of distinguished speakers on a variety of literary, archaeological and historical subjects.

Fall 2013 Classics Colloquia


Gale Poster

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Monica Gale
Trinity College

"Catullus Through the Looking Glass:
Suffenus and Mamurra"

Sept. 6


Student Report Poster

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News from Abroad:
Student Reports from the Field

Sept. 13



Frischer Poster

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Bernard Frischer
University of Virginia

"Modeling the Past: Hadrian's Villa and Other Projects of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory"

Sept. 27


Kourelis Poster

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The Ninth Biennial Graduate Group Symposium—Home: Departure and Destination

Kostis Kourelis
Franklin and Marshall College
“The Membrology of Home: Tales from the Archaeological Underground”

Oct. 4 and 5


Plato Conference Poster

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Conference: Plato and the Power of Images

Elizabeth Belfiore, University of Minnesota
"The Image of Achilles in Plato's Symposium"

Francisco Gonzalez, University of Ottawa
"The Power of a Beautiful Image in Plato and the Poets: Infatuation or Transcendence?"

Louis-André Dorion, Université de Montreal
"Image and Comparison: The Explanatory Power of the Eikôn in the Republic"

Catherine Collobert, University of Ottawa
"Two Images of the Soul in the Republic: The Three-Headed Beast (Book IX) and the Sea Creature Glaucus (Book X)"

Gerd Van Riel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
"Perspectivism in Plato’s Views of the Gods"

Elsa Grasso, Université de Nice
"Platonic Images: Where the Truth Lies"

Pierre Destrée, Université Catholique de Louvain
"Plato on Images that Make One Laugh"

Zacharoula Petraki, University of Crete
"Viewing the Invisible: Plato’s Use of Pictorial Arts"

Christopher Moore, Pennsylvania State University
"The Images of Knowing Oneself"

Richard Hunter, University of Cambridge
"The Serpent Within: the Afterlife of a Platonic Image"

Oct. 11 and 12


Coutsinas Poster

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Nadia Coutsinas
Université Libre de Bruxelles

"Study of the Establishment of
the City-States of Crete"

Oct. 25


Becky Martin Poster

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Becky Martin
Boston University

"Drinking Rituals in the Eastern Mediterranean: Revisiting the Relationship between Symposion and Marzeah"

Nov. 1


von Reden Poster

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Sitta von Reden
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg & Institute for Advanced Study

"Ancient Imperial Economies in World Historical Perspective (1000 BCE-900 CE): Problems and Challenges"

Nov. 8


Huang Poster

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Yang Huang
Fudan University

"Inventing the Barbarian in
Ancient Greece and China"

Nov. 15


Raquel Martin Poster

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Raquel Martin
Universidad Complutense, Madrid

"The Magician As a Scribe:
The Use of Lectional Signs in PGM VII"

Nov. 22


Roy Poster

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Sydnor Roy
Haverford College

"Food and the Philosophy
of Empire in Herodotus"

Dec. 6


Collins Poster

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James Collins
University of Southern California

"Philosophy in the Marketplace"

Dec. 13


Spring 2014 Classics Colloquia


Christensen Poster

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Joel Christensen
University of Texas, San Antonio
"Odysseus' Nostos and the Odyssey's Nostoi: Homeric Composition and the Epic Cycle"

Jan. 31


Tortorelli Poster

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William Tortorelli
Haverford College
"Archilochus' Feet and Archaic Poetics"

Feb 7


Solodow Poster

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Joseph Solodow
Yale University
"Livy XXI: Historical Aims and Method"

Feb. 14


Voutiras Poster

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Emmanuel Voutiras
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
"Purification in the Reconciliation Inscription from the Eretrian Colony of Dikaia"

Feb. 21


Shaohui Poster

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Wang Shaohui
Northeast Normal University, People's Republic of China
"The Urns of Zeus: A Tentative Approach"

Feb. 28


Agnes Michels Poster

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The Agnes Michels Lecture, sponsored by the Graduate Students in the Department of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies
Sarah Iles Johnston
Ohio State University
"The Afterlife and Its Alternatives in Greek Mythic Thought"

March 21

Seth Schein
University of California, Davis
"Cognitive Science and Greek Meter: Hermann's Bridge in the Homeric Hexameter and the Interpretation of Iliad 24"

March 28


Kuhrt Poster

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The C. Densmore Curtis Lecture, presented by the Graduate Students in the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
Amelie Kuhrt
Professor Emerita at the University College, London
"The Persian View of Their Empire"

March 28

Jocelyn Penny Small
Rutgers University
"Circling Round a Solution to
Designing Roman Wall Paintings"

April 11


Williams Poster

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Gareth Williams
Columbia University
"Double Vision: Reading Seneca's Natural Questions Alongside His Morales Epistulae"

April 18


Parslow Poster

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Christopher Parslow
Wesleyan University
"Julia Felix and Her Praedia in Pompeii"

April 25


Zecchin Poster

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Graciela C. Zecchin
Universidad Nacional de La Plata
"Trojan War: Memory, Past and Cretan Perspective in Odysseus' Biographies"

May 2


Connelly Poster

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Joan Breton Connelly
New York University
"The Parthenon Enigma: A New Look at an Old Icon"

May 9


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