Alternative Outdoor Performance Spaces

While the two theaters in Goodhart are amazing performance spaces, they get booked weeks—even months—in advance, and the competition for the space can be fierce. If the student group is flexible about performance space, there are dozens of spots around campus that can function as performance spaces for theater groups, a cappella ensembles, and more.

Carpenter Roof

The lawn that is the roof of Carpenter Library

Carpenter Roof is located behind Old Library, on top of Carpenter Library. It is a sunny, outdoor space. A concrete sidewalk/landing at the front of the space functions as a small stage. Audience members can bring their own blankets for seating, or can sit on the grass.

The Cloisters

The Cloisters on Bryn Mawr Campus

The Cloisters is an open, outdoor courtyard in the center of Old Library. The space can hold hundreds of people; it is where Lantern Night takes place every fall. While there is no formal performance area in the Cloisters, it can be used as a theater-in-the-round by using the central fountain as a centerpiece. Audience members can bring their own blankets to sit on, or may sit on the grass. Chairs may also be set up in coordination with Conferences and Events.

Denbigh Green

Denbigh Green on the Bryn Mawr Campus

Denbigh Green is smaller than Merion Green but is easily accessible and can fit a large audience. Outdoor theater performances requiring little set can happen here, as can improv performances and other non-traditional theater.

English House Green

English House Lawn on the Bryn Mawr Campus

The green outside of English House isn't traditionally used as a performance space, but with a little imagination a performance group could certainly make it work. Audience members can bring their own blankets or chairs, and with English House right next door, there's no need to worry about dressing rooms or restrooms.

Goodhart Rear

Goodhart Hall rear view

This atypical performance space is located behind Goodhart and is appropriate for a nontraditional performance. Balconies running along the outside of Goodhart can be used for performance space, as can the grassy area beneath them.

Merion Green

Merion Green on the Bryn Mawr Campus

Merion Green is the central lawn on campus and can be well suited for a larger concert—as on May Day, when the bands play on a stage at the bottom of the slope. If a student group is booking a band to come to campus, this is probably the best space. Audience members can bring blankets for seating.

Pem Arch

Pembroke Arch on the Bryn Mawr Campus

Pem Arch connects Pembroke West and Pembroke East dormitories and is a central location on campus. Foot traffic here is very high. Noise levels get loud at times, as the Blue Bus stop is right across the street and the Pem Dance Studio is directly overhead. But in the evenings this can be a very nice space for less formal performances.

Rhoads Patio

Rhoads Hall patio on the Bryn Mawr campus

Rhoads Patio is adjacent to the back of Rhoads South dormitory and overlooks "Rhoads Beach." The campus pond is also located at the bottom of the hill. Because the space is overseen by Residential Life, dorm quiet hours must be observed here, making the space more appropriate for daytime or early evening performance. The space can be arranged according to the performers' wishes and can hold between 50-60 people.

Rock Arch

Rockefeller Arch on the Bryn Mawr Campus

This archway connects Rockefeller dormitory with its common room, and gets a moderate amount of foot traffic. It can be used for impromptu a cappella concerts or improv scenes.

Sunken Garden

Bryn Mawr's Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden, located between Haffner and the Gateway building, is a popular spot for weddings that take place on campus, so it's best to book it early. Outdoor theater performances have happened here, and small musical performances can happen here easily. Chairs can be set up by Conferences and Events, or audience members can bring blankets.

Taft Garden

Bryn Mawr's Taft Garden

Taft Garden is located behind Canaday and is one of the largest outdoor performance spaces on campus. The garden is partially walled-in, sits on a hill, and features a large fountain at the bottom of the hill. The garden is a good space for theater performances, instrumental groups, or a cappella ensembles.

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