Staffing of Student Events in Goodhart Hall

Communication and Accountability

Student groups must assign a point person who will be responsible for communicating with the Technical Director about progress with and changes in the production.

The point person is responsible for making sure the terms of the Agreement are upheld and for reporting any damage to equipment or facilities, whether caused by or observed by the group.

The point person is responsible for the group's activities at all times.  When s/he is unable to attend a rehearsal, etc., s/he must designate someone to handle the responsibilities.

Staffing of Student Productions

Productions require different levels of staffing. The Technical Director will help determine what is suitable and necessary for a successful, well-staffed event. Production staff may consist of student volunteers.

The standard production personnel consists of a House/Box Office Manager and the House Team. The minimum level of staffing for the House Team is:

  • (2) Ushers
  • (1) Ticket takers

The House Team is tasked with admitting audience members and guiding them to their seats, enforcing the prohibition on food or drink in the auditorium, and cleaning up any trash (programs, etc.) left by the audience after the performance.  

Stage Manager and Backstage/Running Crew

Your group must appoint a Stage Manager, who will direct the Backstage/Running Crew in any lighting, sound, and backstage activities during the event or performance.

The Backstage / Running Crew is necessary for the safe execution of the event and could include set movers, spotlight operators, curtain pullers, etc. 

A production may also require:

  • Light Board Operator (who may be the Stage Manager)
  • Sound Technician (if using wireless microphones)

Note: The final responsibility for all production staff assignments rests with the group's point person.


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