Technical Assistance

House Technician

Due to the sophistication of Goodhart’s lighting and sound equipment, a professionally trained House Technician must be on hand for events in the Main Auditorium and the Teaching Theater. The Technical Director will hire the House Technician.

The House Technician must be present during all times the student group is in either the Main Auditorium or the Teaching Theater— including rehearsals, performances, and strike.

The House Technician will provide the following mandatory services:

  • Assistance with lighting hang and focus, based on the lighting plot provided by the group's Lighting Designer.  Plot deadline and focus schedule will be coordinated through the Technical Director.
  • Assistance in the programming of lighting cues during technical rehearsals.
  • Programming of sound cues, including microphones and music/sound effects playback.
  • Operation of sound console during run (an additional sound technician may be required, provided by the group, depending on the nature of the performance).
  • Oversight and assistance during load-in and strike.

Budgeting for Cost of Technical Assistance

The hourly charge for the House Technician is $20. 

The Technical Director determines the number of hours for which the group will require technical assistance using the Technical Questionnaire and the initial consultation.  The total cost of technical assistance will be reflected in the Agreement. 

Ensure that the production budget has the funds required to cover the staff time estimated in the Agreement.  If necessary, adjustments to the production schedule may be required to fit the budget. 

Paying the Invoice for Technical Assistance

The Technical Director of Goodhart Theater, will submit an invoice to the group’s point person immediately following the event.

  • The point person for a Bryn Mawr College event sponsored by SGA should submit the invoice to the Student Activities Office for payment.
  • The point person for an event produced by a Bi-Co or Haverford College student group funded by Haverford’s Student Council (SC) should contact the SC after receiving the Goodhart invoice. Checks should be made payable to “Bryn Mawr College” and mailed or delivered to the Technical Director, Goodhart Hall.

The total cost of the technical assistance must be paid within two (2) weeks of the strike. 

Lack of payment will disqualify the groups from reserving space in Goodhart Hall in the future.


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