Floor Plans, Equipment, and Support Spaces

Lighting and sound equipment

For events in the Main Auditorium and Teaching Theater, the College will provide access to lighting and sound equipment as required.

A limited amount of sound and lighting equipment is available for events scheduled in the Music Room, Common Room, and alternative spaces.

Requests to borrow this equipment should be made to the Technical Director at least two weeks prior to the event.

The group’s point person will be responsible for making sure the group operates the equipment safely and that the equipment is returned undamaged.

Additional Support Spaces

Dressing Rooms

There are three lockable dressing rooms available for use during dress rehearsals and performances. Two of the dressing rooms have a private bathroom and shower. Dressing rooms may be reserved through and will be assigned by the Technical Director. Dressing rooms must be left clean and free of all personal effects at the time of the final performance.

Scene Shop

Groups may schedule time to work in the scene shop strictly under the supervision of the Technical Director. Unsupervised use of the shop or any shop tools is prohibited for liability reasons. All consumable supplies (paint, tape, batteries, nails, screws, staples, etc.) must be provided by the group.

Costume and Prop Shops

Costumes and equipment may only be used after approval by the Technical Director. Borrowed items must be returned clean (in the case of costumes, dry-cleaned if necessary) and unaltered. Any broken needles or other machinery malfunctions in the costume shop should be reported to the Technical Director immediately.

Box Office and Front of House

The Box Office and Front of House must be staffed by the group’s House Team (Ushers and Ticket Takers). The group is responsible for creating its own posters, programs, and tickets.

The Technical Director will train the Front of House staff on the evacuation plan and other safety measures.


Contact Us

Performance Spaces

Justin McDaniel
Technical Director, Goodhart Theater
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Lisa L. Zernicke
Director of Conferences and Events
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Associate Dean of the Undergraduate College
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