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Meet the many students who support our programs:



Career Engagement Student Staff 2021-2022

Leila Bagenstos '22, Career Peer Team Lead
Leila Bagenstos '22

Abigail Fortune '23, Career Peer 
Abigail Fortune '23

Ameera Hussain, '24, she/her, Office Assistant
Ameera Hussain

Menna Khaliel '22, Career Peer
Menna Khaliel '22

Yuriya Luong '24, Career Peer
Yuriya Luong '24

Minolta Ndlovu '23, Forte Ambassador
Minolta Ndlovu '23

Mai Anh Nguyen '23, she/her, Career Peer 
Mai Anh Nguyen '23

Francesca Marrapodi, '25, she/her, Office Assistant
Francesca Marrapodi
Maya Schneider '22, Office Assistant 
Maya Schneider '22

Mahima Silwal '22, she/her, Career Peer Team Lead and Office Assistant 
Mahima Silwal '22

Chloe Stapleton-Gray '23, she/her, Social Media Intern 
Chloe Stapleton-Gray '23

Linh Tran '23, Career Peer 
Linh Tran '23

Quihua (Ashley) Yang '22, Forte Ambassador
Quihua (Ashley) Yang '22

Civic Engagement Student Coordinators 2021-2022

Lisa Adanye ’23, she/her, Communications and Social Media Student Coordinator
Lisa Adanye '23

Amanda Blatz ’23, she/her, Owls of Service Coordinator 
Amanda Blatz '23

Kira Elliott, '24, she/her, Health Equity and Social Justice Coordinator 
Kira Elliott '24

Stephanie Gomez '24, she/her, Communications and Social Media Student Coordinator 
Stephanie Gomez '24

Sofi Guven ’23, Overbrook Art Program Coordinator 
Sofi Guven '23

Bohyun Jeong ’22, she/her, ACT Tutoring Program Coordinator
Bohyun Jeong '22

Jaclyn Ji, '22, she/her, Health Equity and Social Justice Coordinator 
Jaclyn Ji '22

Faryal Khan '22, she/her, Communications and Social Media Student Coordinator 
Faryal Khan '22

Rafa Khan '22, Adelante Coordinator 
Rafa Khan '22

Berit Kirkegaard '22, she/her, Overbrook Art Program Coordinator 
Berit Kirkegaard '22

Isabella Leone '23, she/her, Student Coordinator for Voter Engagement 
Isabella Leone '23

Charlotte McDermott ’23, Bryn Mawr Buddies Coordinator 
Charlotte McDermott '23

Matangi Melpakkam ’23, she/her, VITA Coordinator
Matangi Melpakkam '23

Karen Prangan ’22, she/her, ACT Tutoring Program Coordinator
Karen Prangan '22

Malini Rajbhandari '24, she/her, Health Equity and Social Justice Coordinator 
Malini Rajbhandari '23

Veronica Ramirez ’23, Owls of Service Coordinator
Veronica Ramirez '23

Shirin Sabety '22, BMC Garden Coordinator
Shirin Sabety '22

Daisy Shepherd '22, BMC Garden Coordinator 
Daisy Shepherd '22

Emily Whitten '22, Overbrook Art Program Coordinator 
Emily Whitten '22

Elizabeth Zhao ’22, she/her, VITA Coordinator
Elizabeth Zhao '22

Career & Civic Engagement Center Student Staff 2021-2022

Leah Barz-Snell, '24, she/her, Events Coordinator
Leah Barz-Snell

 Skye Henderson ’22, she/her, Events Coordinator
Skye Henderson '22

Fer Hurtado ’25, she/her, Events Coordinator 
Fer Hurtado '25

Aliya Stubenbord, '24, she/her, Events Coordinator
Aliya Stubenbord

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