Website Access and Training

Do you need access to edit your office's pages on 

Three Easy Steps

Step 1 - Find your Drupal Section Admin and ask them to submit the Access Request form.

Step 2 - Drupal Section Admin Submits form

Step 3 - The New Drupal User (you) receive the confirmation and then Register for Training!

The Basics

The Drupal Section Admin is a Bryn Mawr community member who has elevated Drupal permissions and can grant New Drupal Users website editing permission.

The New Drupal User is a Bryn Mawr community member who needs access to author content on the website/Drupal.

Step 1 - Ask Your Section Admin for Edit Access

Find Your Drupal Section Admin

The New Drupal User must request Drupal access from the Drupal Section Admin for the area of the website in which the New Drupal User would like to author content. 

Ask your office/program's Drupal Section Admin to grant you, the New Drupal User, permission by having them submit the form (Step 2).

From the list in the accordion below, find the Drupal Section Admin for the section of the website you'd like to edit.

Find your Section Admin

Search the Drupal Section Admin List

Sections are alphabetized below.

Each Section Admin name links to their Directory listing page, from which you can email them to request that they submit the form on this page.

Step 2 - Submit The Form

Request your Section Admin to submit Drupal Access Request form.

Ask your office/program's Drupal Section Admin to grant you, the New Drupal User, permission by completing the Drupal Access Request Form below on your behalf. 

After the Drupal Section Admin submits the Drupal Access Request Form, the New Drupal User should register for Drupal New User Training (Step 3).

Registration is required for training, and training is required for editing access. 

Step 3 - Register for Training!

Register for Drupal New User Training.

New Drupal Users are required to attend a Drupal New User Training Session

These training sessions are designed for members of the Bryn Mawr College community who need to oversee and update the web content for their departments or programs. For ease of access, training sessions will be administered remotely via Zoom. Registration is required.

After the New Drupal User attends a Drupal New User Training session, they will receive Drupal access as requested by the Drupal Section Admin.

Upcoming Drupal New User Trainings

Please register for the next available session.

Improve Your Drupal Skills

In addition to Drupal New User Training, Web Services partners with Communications to offer a monthly Drupal Drop-In session, which explores various tools content authors can use to elevate important content on their pages.

As always, you can find our full suite of Drupal documentation and training videos in Ask Athena.  


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